What is nursing?

Nursing covers the whole range of definition and specialties that may differ from one country to another. As per the International Council of nurses: Nurses covers collaborative and autonomous care of people of different ages, families, communities and groups, sick or healthy, dying or disabled people. Promotion of a healthy environment, advocacy, research, shaping the health policy, management of health system and education are some of the main nursing roles. Some of the agencies highlight the work of the nurses to help the people in doing activities that will contribute to recovery, health or peaceful death, that will be performed by the patients if they have the will, strength, knowledge required. Nurses work to achieve the best quality of life for patients no matter what disease or sickness they are suffering from. They make the use of clinical judgment to promote, protect and prevent injury and illness, optimize health, alleviate suffering and promote in health care for families, individuals, communities and the entire population.

What is the duty of a nurse? A nurse is a health professional who is centered on protecting the families, communities, individuals to make sure that they maintain, attain and recover optimal functioning and health. Nurses are capable of planning, assessing, evaluating, implementing care of physicians, and they give support from emergency surgery to basic triage. Nurses may have to practice in clinics, hospitals, private homes, physician offices, schools, industry, pharmaceutical companies, cruise ships, hospice facilities, retirement homes, military facilities, long term care amenities and also in camps. Some of the nurses may work and practice as consultants in the insurance, healthcare and legal industries. Nurses can choose to work part time or full time and may work as travelling nurses or on per diem basis.

What are the various kinds of nurses? The formal categorization of nurses varies within from region to region and country to country. IN USA and Canada, nurses are broadly categorized as registered nurses (RNs), Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and the advanced practice nurses (APNs). The LPNs basically have to undergo a training of 18 months to 24 months and must clear the national or state board for renewal of their license. The nurses perform complex to simple medical treatments but they have to work under the supervision and guidance of a physician or a registered nurse. LPNs can administer medications, keep records, take measurements, perform emergency life protecting techniques like a CPR and also administer basic health care. In UK the nurses are basically categorized as the fist level nurse or the second level nurse or a manager or a specialist nurse. Most of the new nurses fall under the first level nurse category and as the nurses gain more experience and get well versed with their work they are promoted as specialist nurses. Specialist is the nurse practitioners who work in a similar role to doctors in emergency departments and primary care. Though the category and designation of nurses may vary from one state to another but the main role of all kinds of nurses remains the same and that is protecting and taking care of their patients in all kinds of sickness and diseases.

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