Could EMT Training Be Right For You?

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) aka ambulance technician will respond to emergency calls such as accidental calls and heart attacks and provide necessary medical care to the patients to safely transport to nearby hospital. EMT technicians are in great demand across the world. It is strenuous job. EMTs need to work in shifts or when necessary at any time of the day. It may disturb your daily schedule. It offers handsome rewards for people, who can assume this job. To become an EMT, you need to undergo EMT training at any of the accredited institutes.

Before deciding to undergo training and becoming an EMT, you need to know about types of EMTs. EMTs are classified into three types namely, EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and Paramedic. People, who have completed high school diploma or GED, can undergo EMT training. It requires about 130 hours of training. EMT basic training can be completed in just few months.

Importance of EMT Training at Hospitals:

People, who do not have time, can choose EMT training online at one of the accredited institutes, which are approved by CoAEMSP (Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions). People should be aware that only theoretical classes can be taught through video and audio lessons online. They must register at any of the local institutes / hospitals to undergo practical training. They will be awarded certification on successful completion of training.

People are advised to adhere to the state requirements while undergoing training to become an EMT. Some of the states obligate that candidates need to obtain degree or certification from NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) to become an EMT. On obtaining certification, people need to work with any of the hospitals to render emergency medical services based on the emerging need.

EMT Basic: Candidates, who have completed EMT basic, will work under the supervision of highly qualified Emergency Medical technicians. They will help to transport the patient to the hospital in an ambulance while providing necessary medicines en route. The basic emergency care training includes patient assessment, cardiac arrest, airway obstruction, bleeding and emergency child birth. They will be trained in handling stretchers, oxygen tanks, splints and backboards and to provide basic care to safely reach the patient to the hospital where necessary treatment will be provided by expert medical professionals. Candidates should be bold and handle emergency situations. They should remember that handling an emergency situation is life and death situation.

EMT Intermediate: Candidates are provided basic training in addition to advanced training in administering fluids, medications and managing shock trauma. Two levels of EMT Intermediate training include 1985 and 1999. Candidates can undergo Intermediate training either through an associate degree or certification program based on the state needs.

Paramedic: It is an advanced position of EMT training. Paramedics are trained in endotracheal intubation, interpreting EKGs, administering IV’s and handling intricate medical apparatus. They need to complete a bachelor degree. Paramedics will offer basic EMT apart from advanced medical services en route to hospital in an ambulance.

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