CNA Training in NYC- Your Simple Guide to the Career Path

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For CNA programs, there are three types of student loans namely:

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CNA Training in NYC- Your Simple Guide to the Career Path

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant or Aide) can be a great job opportunity for many of the unemployed in the US. It requires only an easy to study course, and additionally finding a job after the course is not at all difficult. In fact, statistics show that many such nursing posts go vacant due to the lack of worthy applicants. If you want to get into the medical field easily and also have a desire to help others, CNA is a worthwhile option for you.

Steps to becoming a CNA in NYC

You need to have completed either high school or General Educational Development (GED) before you join a CNA class in New York. Then, you start your career pursuit. First of all, you will have to find suitable CNA classes. CNA courses will comprise of theoretical classes in the classroom and practical classes. They are not very long: federal government requires a 75-hour course; however, each state is allowed to increase that duration. All kinds of classes are available to you: night classes to online classes. You may also find free CNA classes at many places. If you take classes in a nursing home, there are maximum chances of you being recruited at the same nursing home. You will not face much difficulty in finding a suitable one near you. In NYC too, you will find numerous of schools offering CNA courses. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • College of Staten Island: Also known as CSI, it offers an 86-hour CNA course with six weeks in the classroom and eight weeks in the practical training. It also offers various scholarships to the needy ones.
  • CUNY in the heights, 108 Cooper Street, New York, NY 10034: It offers CNA courses, but comparatively is a little expensive.
  • The Manhattan Institute, 255 Fifth Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10016: It is one of the reputed ones and offers CNA trainings in two parts.
  • Advanced Career Solutions, 291 Broadway, STE: 402, New York, NY 10007: It offers a five weeks course for 1000$.

After the course, you will have to take up the certification exams. It is compulsory to pass this exam before you get into practice. It consists of multiple choice questions followed by a practical exam. Many people fail this exam, so you need to be a little serious with your course. If you study well, you will pass it. Once you get your certification, you will soon find a job and will earn ample.

Nursing employment opportunities are expected to increase at a much faster pace than other sectors. This is because the elderly population is increasing and the need of medical care is also increasing rapidly. So, taking up CNA as a career can be a wise choice if you think you are ready to handle the pressure.

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